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  • MARK YOUR PAGE WITH ASIAN FLAIR These beautiful bookmarks feature graphics inspired by traditional Chinese art
  • 4 BEAUTIFUL DESIGNS Choose from four different Chinese designs: Peking Opera, Chinese Brush Painting, Blue and White Porcelain or Chinese Paper Cut or buy a set of four!
  • A PAGE MARKER FOR EVERY BOOK Set includes a total of 30 bookmarks, so you'll always have a bookmark at the ready
  • EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY Bookmarks are made from high quality paper and are perfectly sized at 14.3cm by 5.3cm
  • A UNIQUE GIFT IDEA Give a complete set as a gift for an avid reader or use the bookmarks as wedding favors or party favors!

Details: Say goodbye to dogeared pages for good! The Twone Chinese Bookmark Set gives you a better way to mark your place when you're reading with 30 gorgeous bookmarks inspired by Asian artwork. Each bookmark is made out of high quality paper and measures 14.3 centimeters by 5.3 centimeters in size. The Twone Chinese Bookmark Set is available in four different designs, each of which is incredibly beautiful. Choose from: - PEKING OPERA. Each bookmark features a bold, colorful mask inspired by the ones worn by performers on the stage. Beautiful backgrounds in softer colors add beauty to the design. - BLUE AND WHITE PORCELAIN. Stunning blue and white porcelain vessels made by Chinese artisans delight the eye on these bookmarks. Natural scenes are mingled with the porcelain dishes, vases and decorative objects, and Chinese characters are included in the designs. - CHINESE BRUSH PAINTINGS. Traditional Chinese works of art originally created with a traditional hand brushing technique adorn the bookmarks. Colored and monochrome images are found in the set and with scenes including flowers and landscapes. - CHINESE PAPER CUT. Chinese woodblock printing artwork is featured on each bookmark. A wide range of objects, figures and scenes appear on the paper in scarlet red between rows of Chinese characters. Can't decide which one to choose? Buy all four for a great low price! Whether you're giving a gift, purchasing party favors or shopping for yourself, you're sure to love the Twone Chinese Bookmark Set. Select the style you prefer and order now!

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